Sacred Heart Academy Preparatory School

 Rev. Fr. Thomas Waweru- School Chaplain

Heartiest greetings to one and all.

As we embark on our mission to succes, my prayer is that we will continue to grow more spiritually and become deeply rooted in Christ.  That we may always be aware of God's continued presence in our school life and activities and in the love we receive and show to one another.

May the Sacred Heart of Jesus remind us always of Christ total love and forgiveness for us daily, helping us to be forgiving and loving in all relationships. 

Chairman, Board of  Governors   

Sacred Heart Academy has, since its inception been a sterling example of academic excellence in Early Childhood and Pre-Secondary education.  In training the child it has emphasized not only academic but moral and ethical performance so its students grow in wisdom as well as knowledge.

I congratulate the Principal and Staff on launching of this Web Site which will allow parents, past students and friends to access knowledge of the activities of the academy and to show Jamaica and the world the talents and achievements of its students.

May God continue to bless the members of this school and prosper their works as they progress through the years by work and prayer.


Mrs. Sharifa Brock-Lewin- Principal


 Mrs.  Pauline Russell  - Director of Education


Mrs.  Geraldine  Barnes-Findlay


Mr. Lloyd Swaby -  Chairman

Loretta Steadman - Teacher Representative






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